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Reclaim your space with confidence.

Organizing can be much more than assigning a space for things. It is about clearing obstacles that have made your day-to-day activities challenging and a little less enjoyable. Love your space again and embrace it with an open mind and a fresh start.


Sara specializes in creating solutions that are tailor-made to each of her client’s specific needs.


With guidance, you will learn how to establish systems to help prioritize what really matters in your life and what has earned space in your world.


Sara will equip you with the right tools that will work for you and your surroundings. Wellness, family, community, career, and relaxation are just a few of the priorities described by past clients. Prioritizing essentials in your home and how you spend your time will ultimately provide you with the space in your every day to enjoy a fulfilled and prioritized life.

Image of a well organized desk
Image of packing boxes with declutter or donate labels


Once things are prioritized and intentional spaces are allocated, the option and ability to downsize is that much more attainable.


With a guided, experienced lens on your next phase in life, Sara provides expert tips on how to remove unnecessary disorganized content and streamline your space. Taking things one step at a time, with a professional organizer by your side, converts any feelings of being overwhelmed into a sense of accomplishment and being at peace with your newly downsized space.


Being organized saves you time and money, and decreases stress. It’s that simple.


Assigning a space, a place, or a time for things is an art and skill that delivers unconditional benefits. Imagine knowing exactly where something is and finding it right away, or having the space to not only hold all of your valued items, displaying them with meaning and significance. Sara’s years of experience working with Seniors and the Chronically Disorganized have enabled her to gain the skills and strategies needed to implement new organizational systems into a space, and coach you on maintaining those new systems moving forward.

Image of an efficiently organized closet
Portrait of Sara Novak, Professional Organizer

Virtual Organizing

As an early provider of Virtual Organizing, Sara has seen the benefits available to her community. Our virtual world has opened doors of support and customized services, regardless of where you are located. A professional organizer is virtually in your home, guiding you through the entire process with an experienced consultative lens in your space.


While working with our seniors community, Sara recognized the need for Virtual Organizing. Some clients are just not ready or able to welcome a professional organizer into their home in person. Virtual Organizing allows for the delivery of strategies, advice, and support through each step of the process. Sara sees your challenges through a shared screen and provides appropriate direction and motivation to get the job done.

Sara's Rates

The first phone consultation is always free – click here to book yours.

Project initiation meetings start at $50 per hour. 


In-person services may incur additional charges outside of Guelph and surrounding area - please see map below.

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